Below is a list of known memorials in MMO worlds.[1][2]

Spontaneous Memorials Edit

  • Codex Vahlda vigil (FFXIV)
  • Goodman's Rune Library (UO)
  • Leonard Nimoy vigil (Star Trek Online)
  • Mineskorm (Minecraft)[3]
  • Ribbitribbit (EQ2)
  • Sugbis memorials (Warhammer Online)
  • Vile Rat (EVE Online)

Company-Created Memorials Edit

  • Coyote (City of Heroes)
  • Freeman Memorial (Star Wars Galaxies)
  • Hiralyn memorial (Guild Wars 2)

Blizzard Memorials[4] Edit

  • Dak Krause memorial (WoW)
  • Ezra Chatterton memorial (WoW)
  • Shrine of the Fallen Warrior (WoW)

Other Edit

References Edit


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